January 25, 2015

The Stock Yards

Welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Yards! I was lucky enough to be in town at the same time as the rodeo. Although I didn't get to see any bull riding, I did get to see some real live cowboys herd cattle down the old cobblestone road that runs through town. It was the quintessential Texas tourist experience. The stockyards are lined with great little antique shops, boot stores and bars (some with very funny bar stools). When I imagine Texas in my mind, this is what I think of. There was also an amazing little record store, Chief Records, tucked away in a brick alley. Aside from being extremely aesthetically pleasing, with a mid-century lounge area and turquoise walls, this place had some great records! It was part country, part rock n roll and all good vibes. I only wish I lived in town so I could stop by to catch some of their live music events. If you're in the Fort Worth area, you should definitely check it out!

I had such a blast wandering around with my friend Ashley! She was an amazing tour guide and great company. I like to take a lot of photos, which sometimes annoys my friends, but Ashley is like me. Not only is she a Feather Junkie, she's a photo junkie ;) It was so awesome to hang out with another creative, small business owner and all around kindred spirit! 

Texas is so rad!
MacK Mars

Dallas Vintage

I spent a few nights in Dallas, TX and I loved it! The wonderful creative spirit behind The Feather Junkie, Ashley, showed me around town. I had such a blast hopping from vintage shop to vintage shop with her. Our first stop was Dolly Python. I've been lucky enough to travel around the country a lot and I've seen lots of awesome and eclectic vintage shops and I have to say, so far, Dolly Python is my most favorite. One half is full of an amazing selection of vintage clothes. Their collection is well curated and fairly priced. They've got loads of perfectly worn, buttery soft graphic tees, gauzy embroidered hippie tunics and all kinds of rad denim. Not to mention, an entire wall and then some of boots! I felt like I could spend hours trying clothes on. The other half of the store is full of amazing chachkies from skulls, to textiles, native figurines & buddhas. They have a great selection of records too! Dolly Python has something for everyone and if you're ever in town, it's a must-shop!

We drove around Dallas, making our way over to Lula B's, cool stuff for cool people! Lula B's in Dallas is a two levels of sheer goodness. The lower level was full of amazing finds from home decor to mid century furniture and more. My favorite was a Bud Light Lime beach cruiser that I would've bought in a heart beat if it could fit in my suit case. 

I had such a blast being a tourist in Dallas with Ashley! I'm so glad I had a friend in town to show me all these amazing spots. Texas is a pretty magical place and I have a feeling I'll back soon!

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars