July 28, 2014

Old Town

I'm Wearing:
SoulMakes Bracelets, Necklaces & Diamond Ring
Joe's Jeans Cut Offs
Spell Designs Wolf, Eagle & Crystal Rings

Over the weekend Trevor and I went on a little date, wandering around Old Town Alexandria. The third oldest historic district in the country, it is only about a half hour away from home, one of the reasons I love Virginia so much! Old town is an architectural heaven, littered with colorfully painted brick buildings, many of which have been carefully preserved for hundreds of years. Each and every single building we walked past seemed to invite me to take a photograph, with their perfectly weathered exteriors. The textures of the old paint chipping away ever so slightly, little cracks here and there and vines growing in every direction are always irresistible to me with my lens. The buildings inhabitants are an eclectic mix of restaurants, antique shops and little artist studios. It was such a wonderful day exploring all that Old Town has to offer! 

Hope you all had a great weekend!
MacK Mars

July 23, 2014

The Annual Pilgrimage

The nearest beach is a six hour round trip in the car. I have a bit of a summertime tradition of driving out there at 3 AM, watching the sunrise and then driving back. I suppose this annual pilgrimage began when I was teenager and couldn't really afford to stay in a hotel, but had a deep longing to be near the ocean and the sun. So I figured, it's a short drive, why not catch the sun come up with my camera? I've been doing it every year since. Usually, I go alone, but this year I felt inspired to ask my dear friend to join me. We arrived on the shore just after the sun made it's first full appearance for the day. It was big and round and glowing so bright in the pink sky. There was a mellow fog enveloping the land, lending us a settled feeling of serenity as we watched the waves dance around. I was particularly mesmerized by the water that morning, it was so calm and frothy. The ocean seemed to have a  glow of it's own in the morning light. I snapped away with my camera, capturing these ever so brief moments with my time capsule forever. I thanked God for creating such beautiful artwork for us to live in and then off to breakfast we went. As per my tradition, we ate at my favorite mom n pop pancake shop. I devoured the best sweet potato pancakes I've ever had. Afterwards, we wandered back out on the board walk and eventually we made our way to the bay side. 

Our visit was only a few short hours, our eyes were growing weary fast from little sleep. We headed home, but decided to make one more pit stop on the way, Assateague Island. The sand there was cool and soft and covered with shells and smooth pebbles. Assateague is a sort of magical place, with wild horses roaming around amongst the tourists. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture any of them on the shore, they had all wandered out onto the street for a grassy lunch. But they were gorgeous nonetheless. It was an amazing 12 hour journey, leaving me with a refreshing new state of mind and a grateful heart! Can't wait for my next adventure. After all, Summer is not over yet.

Have a gorgeous day!
MacK Mars